Protect water resources, Zambians urged

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 12:07:25 +0000


THE Water Resource and Management Authority (WARMA) has called upon Zambians to safeguard water resources in the country.

WARMA Director General Lemmy Namayanga said water resource management was cardinal for the country as the resource was slowly becoming scarce.

Mr Namayanga said it was time people started to be smarter in the way they used the resource.

 He said good water management was important for any country to develop.

Mr Namayanga further emphasised that good health depended upon the quality of water that was available and that therefore issues of water management should not be overlooked.

“We are currently, as a country, faced with numerous challenges and some of these like the recent cholera outbreak which is a water borne disease could be avoided with good water management and provision of clean and safe water, ’he said.

Mr Namayanga further called upon the private sector to be cautious in the way they used water.

He said the private sector should take interest in good water management as sound water management went hand in hand with good business.

Mr Namayanga said countries like South Africa were currently facing challenges with availability of water and Zambia could learn lessons from the situation in the country.

He said the authority was working closely with other stakeholders to ensure that there was sensitisation on proper water usage.

“We will continue to work closely with other NGOs to ensure that the majority of Zambians realise how critical issues to do with water management are just last week we had a high-level meeting which set out the strategic case for water management, where speakers from around Africa showed how proper water management benefits public sector companies, and the population, so you can see how water has become an issue around the globe,” Mr Namayanga said.


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