RDA employs 25 locals in Mkushi

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 08:54:01 +0000


THE Road Development Agency (RDA) has employed 25 local people in Mkushi’s Katuba and Kangalati areas.

Munshibemba ward councillor, John Chilala, disclosed the development to the Daily Nation in an interview.

Mr. Chilala, who is Luano District Council vice chairman, said the development was a good move as government continues to create jobs for its people and empowering local people with employment.

“I am very happy as councillor to see that local people are taking part in the construction of the toll gate where government will be getting revenue.” Mr. Chilala said.

He said the gesture by RDA to employ local people as part of the construction workers would also create a sense of responsibility and ownership by the community in the area.

And Mr. Chilala said work was progressing well and enforcement of the foundation was on course.

Meanwhile, Chimika Primary School in Luano has not been re-opened since the collapse of the school building early this year.

Chimika ward Councillor Benford Katiti told the Daily Nation that the situation was worrying as pupils would be lagging behind in lessons.

Mr. Katiti noted that, if the school was not re-opened soon, pupils would not catch up with the lessons.

“As parents we are really concerned about the school not re-opening for 2018 school calendar. Government should come in and renovate the School so that pupils can start learning unlike playing around in villages that will make them forget about education if it takes very long.” Mr Katiti said.

Mr. Katiti said the School needed a facelift to improve the structure.

He said since the time it was built in 1968 no major maintenance and rehabilitation works has been done to enhance durability.

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