RDA promises to work on bad roads

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 10:54:16 +0000

…as deplorable state of Lumumba, Buyantashi and Katanga Roads anger motorists and pedestrians


 THE dilapidation of Lumumba, Buyantanshi and Katanga Roads in Lusaka has become a nightmare for motorists who claim the roads have become death traps.

Some truck drivers talked to by Daily Nation complained bitterly at the state of the roads which they said needed urgent attention before lives were lost.

They accused the Road Development Agency (RDA) of having neglected the roads in the industrial area, which had now become a hazard to pedestrians and motor vehicles.

“Just take a drive on Katanga Road that connects Mungwi Road and Mwembeshi road, and drive on Lumumba Road towards the T-junction with the Great North Road, even huge trucks are now getting stuck in the ditches, the situation is pathetic,

“It is hell driving through Buyantanshi Road that houses TAZAMA depot in Lusaka, it has huge water basins which swallow tyres as drivers struggle to reach the fuel reservoirs. So are you suggesting that RDA have not seen the state of these very important roads in Lusaka?” one truck driver questioned.

There has been growing concern with the state of some major roads especially those branching off Lumumba Road including Sheki Sheki Road on which RDA have operation offices.

Other roads that require a touch of life include Malambo, Makishi and the growing furrow at Kabwe/Katima Mulilo road traffic lights.

But RDA public relations manager Anthony Mulowa said the agency had already devised an interim response for Lumumba Road to avoid any unforeseen tragedy on it

Mr Mulowa said RDA was aware of the bad state of the roads mentioned above, and that the Agency was working out a work schedule to help reduce the hazardous state of all the badly damaged roads.

Motorists have raised concern on the quality of patching works on Lumumba Road which did not last even a week.

They have demanded for a more professional response from RDA to help mend the roads for the meantime before the full rehabilitation works commenced after the rainy season.

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