Reopening of police post elates East chief

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 09:57:33 +0000


 CHIEF Chanje of the Chewa people in Eastern Province has expressed gratitude to government for reopening a police post in Chiparamba sub centre in Chipata following a community outcry on the need for security.

The traditional leader said the police post would cover Chief Mishoro’s area and Chikuwe of which he is a caretaker.

In an interview yesterday with the Daily Nation, Chief Chanje appealed to the community to cooperate, respect and avail information to police officers to help them discharge their duties professionally as well as efficiently.

“I want to thank Government for reopening a police post in Chiparamba sub centre in Chief Chikuwe of Chipata after demands of the community through myself and Chief Mishoro,” he said.

He said the event which took place last Wednesday, in his chiefdom attracted over 2,000 people among them the town clerk, councillors and heads of government departments where police officers were introduced to the community.

He urged police officers to bear with members of the community saying most of them had minimal education standards.

Chief Chanje expressed hope that the presence of a police post in the two chiefdoms would heighten security and secure lives and property.

He said he took advantage of the event to discourage early marriages, digging of pit latrine toilets and expectant mothers from giving birth from homes instead of the clinic.

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