Resign as Secretary General – Kabimba told

Sat, 01 Dec 2012 16:23:00 +0000

The Patriotic Front in Central Province has demanded that party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba resigns from his position as the chief executive of the party since he was not a fully baked politician.

Former aspirant for Kapiri Mposhi constituency Brian Nkolola said Mr Kabimba was going against the direction of the party as some of his utterances about the party would only ruin the ruling party.

Mr Nkolola observed that the recent pronouncements by the PF secretary general, that the PF was not desperate for new members only proved that he did not understand what it means to be a politician.

He said that it was difficult for party members to tell if Mr Kabimba was losing direction but he was sure that he was not a politician that understood politics at all levels.

“Mr Kabimba has no powers to decide on behalf of the party but by virtue of being the secretary general of the party, he thinks he can decide on behalf of the party.

“His job is to advise and not to act on the party. Only the central committee can act on his advice if it’s in good faith.

“Party members have already asked Mr Kabimba to step down saying that it would be difficult for him to perform in two different positions that were demanding.

By serving both Mr Kabimba thinks he has more brains but he does not understand politics that why he is blundering,” said Nkolola.

Mr Nkolola charged that the secretary general only knew about urban politics and not rural politics.

He noted that the PF as a party was not short of people when there were veteran politicians that could perform much better than Mr Kabimba.

Mr Kabimba he said, was ok working as a Justice Minister since he understood law and advised that he should be a Justice Minister that would be able to listen to advice.

“As the PF in Kapiri we demand that the secretary general retract his statement because it’s not true that we do not want new members in the party because we are in power.

“It is Mr Kabimba who had asked us to mobilise the party through out the country but today he has changed his mind saying that the party did not need new members.

We have a situation here where new members feel they have no direction in the party when all this confusion is being brought by the secretary general.

“The people including some seven councillors that were leaving their political parties have started complaining that if they joined the PF, it would be difficult to be recognised and that they were not sure if they would be given an opportunity to contest their seats,” Nkolola said.

He charged that it was a problem for someone to sort out issues if they were not advised properly and that PF members in Kapiri would like to advise Mr Kabimba to refrain from issuing statements that were not in the interest of the party.

Mr Nkolola said if only the secretary general would do more about the party on the grass root level than concentrating only in his position as justice minister would serve the interest of the party.

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