Respond to Miyanda’s sentiments, PF told

Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:51:49 +0000

Government has been challenged to answer the questions that were raised by Heritage party leader Gen Godfrey Miyanda instead of attacking him Brebner Changala has said.

Mr Changala said the general raised very cardinal points but it is unfortunate that this government is naive and very arrogant and therefore refuse to answer issues that were affecting the Zambian citizens.

He said it was not right for the labour minister Mr Fackson Shamenda to respond the way he did just because Gen Miyanda had lost an election.

“When did government state that those that have lost elections should not participate in the governance of this country?

General Miyanda was merely speaking on behalf of the Zambians and a seasoned minister would reason before attacking.

“We can’t have people in government who are failing to analyse issues and instead try to attack the very serious issues General Miyanda was trying to bring out.

“This type of leadership is bad for the growth of the country andZambia’s democracy. These ministers in the PF administration should stop to be arrogant and should have time to look at issues the way they are presented,” he said.

Mr Changala as a concerned citizen has challenged the PF administration to answer the issues raised by the general.

He said he was afraid that Mr Shamenda will aid in bringing the democracy of this country to a standstill, the same way he brought theZambiacongress of Trade Unions to a stand still after he took over from late president Fredrick Chiluba.

Mr Changala observed thatZambiawith so many challenges and government should work on these challenges.

He said this government is full of failure, jealous and bitterness and that because they have not yet come to reality that they were in power they are behaving as if they were in opposition where they could not agree with anything.

“I wonder where they are getting these terminologies because they are displaying signs of desperation because they know that they are liars.

The PF must apologies for failing the Zambian people and must stop showing arrogance.

Instead they should concentrate on working on the failed promises and raise hope in lives of the 13 million Zambians,” Changala said.


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