Sata’s silence on PF corrupt activities worry NAREP

Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:52:51 +0000

NAREP on the Copperbelt has called President Sata to explain to the public the alleged corrupt activities in the party within the period of one year he has in power.

In an interview with  the Daily Nation, the party provincial coordinator Jevan Kamanga expressed shock over Mr Sata’s silence on the issue.

Reverend Kamanga stated that if the PF government was allergic to corruption activities, why then should such scandals surfacing up within the shortest period of time.

“Let Mr Sata stand by his words when he said he is allergic to corruption, and we are urging him not to entertain the scourge but express his views to the public,” he said.

Rev Kamanga said the Head of State must come out in public and explain his stance  on the alleged corruption among his followers, adding that the PF government had for several times abused the office clause.

“Mr Sata should address the levels of corruption in order to bring sanity to the governance system of the nation, I believe a lot is yet to be unveiled, let such investigations be extended to everyone like they did to some former MMD officials who served in government offices. That is why even the bible says “those who kills others by a machete, will also be killed in the same way” and this is what is happening now,” he quoted.

He said he was disappointed with the nature of politics the PF leadership had introduced, and has urged them to stop blaming the opposition political parties for its failure to provide quality leadership.

“The corruption in this government is rampant and people will no longer have confidence in the governance system because of the way it is unfolding in the PF government,” he said.

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