Scam to help offenders evade justice exposed 

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 11:05:16 +0000


A SCAM has been unearthed in Livingstone where a cartel of officers has been helping offenders especially prohibited immigrants to escape prosecution once found guilty of breaching the law.

This came to light after the manoeuvres by the same group of officers’ to help a Congolese national, Kaluba Jama Makima to flee the country after he was arrested by immigration officers at Kazungula Border last month.

Makima was convicted and sentenced to nine months imprisonment on Monday this week by the Livingston Magistrates Court for uttering false documents namely, the Zambian passport contrary to the laws of the country.

He had before this case used the same passport to secure employment at DAEWOO, the company constructing the multi-million Kazungula Bridge where he was employed as a security guard.

According to investigations by the Daily Nation, there was a deliberate plan by the same group of officers to proceed slowly with the matter after they were reportedly promised K20, 000  if the matter was underplayed to allow Makima flee the country.

The money was meant to be paid as kick back to those tasked with helping Makima escape as well as his associates who had secured him  employment.

However, the attempts were botched after some senior officers learnt about the scam and pressured those who were involved to proceed with the matter in the courts of law without any delays or interference from anyone.

Sources familiar with the issue also admitted there was a team of officers who had formed a cartel whose objective was to receive bribes from unsuspecting offenders in return for helping them avoid prosecution.

Lately, Livingstone and Kazungula have seen an influx of foreign nationals that are engaging in all forms businesses while othersare taking up employment in various organisations on claims that they were Zambians.

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