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Dear Editor,

PF Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili has reportedly called for mass protests over the allegations of corruption in government, is this for real?

My fellow Zambians do not be swayed into pondering an agenda for one selfish individual.

I recently interacted with people in Roan constituency who had no kind words for this man.

He calls others corrupt but they are also saying he has failed to account for CDF in his constituency to the point that he could not complete the construction of a clinic which he had started.

And it is only now that the Ministry of Health has taken the challenge of completing the structure to the people’s delight.

According to them the only CDF they remember when Kambwili would drive to the ATM points, draw money and then throw it at bystanders.

As for mass demonstrations, be warned that Kambwili is a coward who will run away when the police will pounce and leave other demonstrators at the mercy of the police.

Remember the recent attack at 5FM Radio where Mwenya Musenge and others were attacked and motor vehicle windows shattered by alleged PF cadres?

The person who was supposed to have been on radio that day was Kambwili and not Musenge but upon getting intelligence information from his cronies he decided not to go the radio station for the interviews and without regard for the safety of his general secretary he coerced Musenge into going to stand in for him.

Total nonsense!



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