Siulapwa blasts ‘under-five’ politicians

Sat, 27 Jan 2018 12:47:53 +0000


UNDER Five politicians are the ones who are fighting President Lungu within the PF party, New Generation Party President Humphrey Siulapwa has observed.

In an interview with Daily Nation, Mr Siulapwa charged that ‘baby’ politicians with little knowledge of politics were eyeing State House.

He said politicians needed to exercise patience as presidents needed two full terms to deliver.

“When a person becomes president the first year he learns the operations of the office, and next three years he starts to deliver,“ Mr Siulapwa said.

He said it was unreasonable for some politicians within the PF to be openly eyeing the presidency in 2021 when President Lungu had not been given a chance to perform.

Mr Siulapwa said such politicians were making the work of the President difficult and were destabilising their own party.

“The office of the president is not an ordinary office, the President needs time to deliver without unnecessary disturbances,” he said.

Mr Siulapwa said challenging President Lungu for the party presidency was tantamount to insubordination as it was only derailing the presidents’ attention from important matters that affected the nation.

He further said that Zambians should be productive if the country was to improve its economic status.

Mr Siulapwa said Zambians should not blame everything on government but engage in productive activities such as farming.

“Zambians need to get rid of the tendency of blaming everything on government we cannot complain about the scarcity of money in the country when we are not producing but constantly consuming,” he said.

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