Street vending ban hailed

Fri, 23 Feb 2018 08:52:19 +0000

By Nambela Mwandia

KASAMA residents have commended government for strengthening the street vending and public nuisance law.

Speaking to the Daily Nation, Vincent Mwape, a resident in Kasama central town, said that the penalty fee attached to disobeying the law is going to send a strong warning to the public.

Mr Mwape said that if the law is to be well enforced there is need for sensitisation of the public and involvement of various stakeholders.

“I am calling on local authorities in the district to sensitise the public so that they become vigilant and ensure that the law is implemented,” he said.

Government through the Ministry of Local Government strengthened the law against street vending and public nuisance.

Early this month, the local authority in Kasama embarked on procuring 86 waste bins costing over K200,000 in a bid to manage waste and ease waste collection in the district.

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