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THERE was no corruption involved in the procurement of 50 ambulances from Savenda as investigations reveal that the pricing is within the normal range of advanced life support ambulances and the tender procedures were followed, Chilufya Tayali disclosed yesterday.

Mr Tayali, the Economic and Equity Party (EEP) leader, said contrary to corruption allegations on the procurement of 50 ambulances by political players and other governance stakeholders, there was no corruption involved.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Tayali expressed concern with corruption and counter-accusations of corruption against government without evidence. Mr Tayali said it was wrong in the first place to compare the prices of the 25 ambulances that were earlier bought under the United Nations office for project services which cost much lower at $52, 000 each to the 50 ambulances which were bought at the higher price each as the latter had advanced life support equipment.

“There is the basic life support ambulances which are used to transport patients from one point to the other, and the advanced life support ambulances which have equipment like an intensive care unit,” he stated.

Mr Tayali explained that government awarded a contract to Savenda Management Services in 2015 to supply 50 ambulances  at a cost of $11,520,355 adding that the breakdown of that figure include training of 50 support staff on the operation of ambulances, 100 paramedics and 50 doctors at $715,550.

He said the amount include $3, 649,305 for periodic maintenance and parts for five years and that the cost for each ambulance stood at $143,110 of which the base vehicle was costing about $96,000 while the rest was for equipment on it.

However, Mr Tayali questioned the logic of giving a contract to Savenda which so far has not fulfilled its obligation to bring in the ambulances despite getting the contract and 10 percent down payment in 2015 and a further 15 percent in 2016.

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