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Tue, 30 Jan 2018 08:51:07 +0000

Abash capitalist exploiters

Dear Editor,

Our opposition capitalist rich politicians are always at their best talking about money and how best they can generate it. They never tell us how they started their exploitative careers from which they made their money. Let them tell the nation where they got their money from and how moral their exploits were.

Benson Saili


Arrest Kambwili

Dear Editor,

When I watched Kambwili’s press conference footage at his Lusaka house recently, I just could not believe my ears. The way he insulted President Lungu, I expected the police to arrest him there and then and charge him with defaming the head of state. But up to now nothing has happened. Where is this country heading to?

Shocked citizen


Let GBM go to the moon

Dear Editor,

When Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba boasted that he has shifted his business empire from Zambia, I just laughed because who benefits from his business deals? His few workers whom he insults and beats daily? No sane Zambian will miss whatever business he has taken to South Africa and Zimbabwe. I was going to be worried if he was operating on the lines of Mr Aliko Dangote, the man with REAL bucks which he shares with communities through the establishment of serious companies. Not tuma company without impact! He is free to take them even to the moon!

Musonda Musonda


Retire Wada now

Dear Editor,

We have tried him on many fronts and the results have always been disappointing. Since his appointment as national trainer Wedson Nyirenda has failed to bring home any trophies. This is the naked truth which he cannot deny. I strongly agree with those who feel it is time he was shown the door. Let us try someone else before we ask the FAZ management to quit for failing Zambia.

Angry soccer fan


Ill-behaved PF cadres

 Dear Editor,

They have heard it from President Lungu that Police will deal firmly with any indiscipline cadres who think they are above the law. Ugly stories of these hoodlums grabbing land from innocent and law abiding Zambians are many. They are at bus stops where they are wreaking havoc by demanding illegal payments. This should in fact be the starting point by our police. Enough is enough.

Paul Kasote, Lilanda


Forget self-exiled Pilato


Dear Editor,

It is all clear to see that Fumba Chama, popularly known as Pilato, is being used by UPND to taint the image of Zambia abroad. This desperation for power is frightening. Now the poor boy faces imprisonment if the courts find him guilty. Chama is making himself a big political fool because UPND will discard him like a banana peel after using him, only he is too blind to see this because of a few pieces of silver. Shame!

Mubita Mulezyi


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