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Sun, 18 Feb 2018 12:03:15 +0000

Protect albino boy

Dear Editor,

Obviously the Investigative wings have read the ‘Albino kidnap fear story’. Please move in and arrest that relative, including the witchdoctor. Government, please ban these witch doctors from operating on our God given soil. They are running away from Tanzania and neighbouring countries to Zambia for this devilish businesses, because the law here is weak. Government protect your people regardless of the state of one.  We are a Christian Nation.

 Odiron Kalumendo Mulenga


Welldone Nkana FC

Dear Editor,

Good move by Nkana for including Mbombo in their team. But Nkana must be monitoring the behaviour and movements of the duo, Walter Bwalya and Mbombo. The door and flame of these players cannot help Nkana if not managed well.

Kamfwa Abraham Kapindula


What happened to Malawian maize scandal?

Dear Editor,

The maize gate scandal where Malawian Minister was implicated and was fired but his Zambian friends on the hand went scot free. Could someone shed more light on this please. Critical observer.


MP Kaziya had it coming

Dear Editor,

Honourable Kaziya had it coming. It has been a good riddance that the President did step into our cry as Chunga residents. His presence was required most as a Minister in charge of Water and Sanitation. It has been long ever since we started requesting for the much talked about Millennium Challenge drainages but to no avail. In his case he was busy preaching about sanitation on television.

Mattheus Kernant Lungu, Chunga Lusaka


Congratulations Margaret Mwanakatwe

Dear Editor,

Congratulations Madam Margaret Mwanakatwe as you step in those hot shoes of finances. With God on your side you will make it. Just remain focuses.

 Simon Mwape, Kabwe town


Enough of shopping malls

Dear Editor,

We don’t want more construction of shopping malls  but instead need the production sector of the economy to grow too. Let people have access to skills training for proper expanded training. Too much of being a consumer oriented country has rendered us being very useless in our waste management hence poor sanitation.

Chilala Theodore Haachikuyu


ZRA, please hold it

Dear Editor,

The issue of  ZRA hot on withholding tax should be tackled nicely.  When the government is introducing something new, they should keep in mind that it gives advantages to a few and disadvantages to a majority. The majority’s pockets are not in good shape. Too much tax obligations at a blink of an eye. Where were you as ZRA all this time? Mind you Zambia is not a developed country, where you want to introduce taxes for a developed one.

Enock Mulwanda

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