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Kambwili is a liar


Allow me to congratulate Mr. Musukwa Ntazana on his very well description Kambwili. Kambwili is not only a liar, charlatan, cheat but a big day light thief. He gets K18,000 for what? He is no longer working for people of Roan who sent him to parliament. He must be paid by NDC which party he belongs too. And you call this chap a presidential material? Please ba Kambwili, stop your funny behaviour. How does the outside world rate our opposition leaders? HH, Kambwili, Kakoma, Mulongoti and the like all liars. Shame you guys.

P. Simwawa, Lusaka


That boring song!


HH and your UPND bus of “our election was stolen,’’ please move on. This is clearly a PROXY judgment against your so called “we want to have our day in court” case. You will lose and waste money. It will end in defeat. The Constitution Court acknowledges clearly that there were irregularities in the 2016 elections, and not doubt claims of rigging in Lusaka and even your win in 3 provinces would not have affected the results of the other 7 provinces. Please move on and focus on 2021 now and stop your stolen votes song. There is a proxy judgment for you to digest.

PF Contributor


Melissa Matero workers

 attitude poor


I wish to bring to the attention of Melissa Matero management on the way their cashiers operate. How can they fail to give a customer a plastic bag to put items from the shop? Tell them that there are a lot of supermarkets dotted around and therefore should take care of their clients in an acceptable manner so that they continue coming back.  They should know that they are employed to serve and encourage customers to come back not upsetting them. They are there because of us customers. Disappointed customer

  ———————————————————————————————-Expensive school uniforms


The Ministry of General Education is not doing a commendable job. How many times have parents called on the ministry to tell their schools to stop selling school uniforms at exorbitant prices especially for grades 1, 8 and 10. Already school fees are unaffordable and they don’t want parents to buy uniforms from outside either. Twapapata sana ba Minister. Help us.

Mildred Zulu


PF on right track


PF is scoring first this time around. Most towns are looking fairly clean, cadres are no longer a thing to worry about and soon the dreaded unsafe mini-buses will be out of circulation. The closure of the Post newspaper was something past governments could not think of, and what about collecting 10% withholding tax from landlords whose houses are on rent? Perhaps Lungu should also pin down employers who do not want to pay statutory obligations.

Chas Mbale, Chongwe.


Nyirenda best available coach


The letter by ‘sad soccer fan” makes very sad reading indeed. It would seem he is either interested or has a friend or relative whom he would like to take the job. The reason for that kind of thinking is the salary the coach is getting. That salary must go to his relative. Wada is the best in the country. When he decides to leave, FAZ must bring Charlie Cool (Charles Musonda). Any other permutation will be retrogressive and may merely destroy Zambian football. I am glad to note that people running football currently, are cool headed and will not listen to the sad fan.

 Sincerely Wise Fan of Lusaka


Kambwili leave Margaret alone


Kambwili should leave Mwanakatwe alone. Kambwili knows Mwanakatwe track record very well. He knows that Mwanakatwe has represented Zambia in the banking sector in other countries and she has never been sent back because of her inability to perform. Ms Mwanakatwe like every person, has a life outside the office. So if Kambwili wants the best for Zambia, he needs to support her and he needs to stop offering unnecessary criticism.

Bob Litana, Lusaka

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