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Wed, 21 Feb 2018 08:00:51 +0000

Lusambo can change Lusaka

Dear Editor,

I do not see anything wrong with Bowman Lusambo giving us his plans for the City of Lusaka. He has even gone further to promise not to work alone, but engage business houses, cooperating partners and the team at the Provincial Administration offices. A vision very few of our leaders have expressed. So, Mr. Lusambo, show us what you are made of. We are watching and waiting.

Jean Bonheur


CNN boring

Dear Editor,

Zambians, let us demand a refund from MultiChoice for its CNN channel that never gives us news but all the time, its Trump this Trump that. We want news not a media house fighting personal battles with Trump. We are aware that the owner of CNN pumped lots of money into Hilary Clinton campaign, but please CNN give us world news not this Trump you subject us to.

Donald J. Trump


Well done defence personnel

Dear Editor,

My biggest fear of giving vendors sanitary/service lanes to trade from as proposed by our city Mayor is now over. Can the service lanes now be used for their intended purposes in Cha Cha Cha Road and Freedom Way i.e. for collecting garbage, loading and offloading goods by utility service firms like Zesco, Zamtel, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company etc? I must also mention here that our soldiers have brought sanity to the city, even to our mini bus drivers. Please ban offloading of goods by trucks on the roads because they cause congestion.



State of wheelchairs at UTH shocking

Dear Editor,

I am worried and disgusted at the state of wheelchairs at Zambia’s largest hospital UTH. These facilities have become vingilingili, (bare rims) and they are not worthy to be used by patients anymore. Please can someone do something about them?

Mukally Kanyama, Lusaka


Thank you Daily Nation!

Dear Editor,

This year I am celebrating my six years with Daily Nation Newspapers. I started selling this paper on 15th February, 2012. Many thanks go to our customers here in Western Province for their support and Daily Nation management and staff.

Victor Kalomo


Time for work

Dear Editor,

Now is the time to work. We are tired of politicking every day. Mr Edwin Lifwekelo must be appointed ambassador to Syria. We don’t want any more noise but work, work, and work please.

Daniel Kabwe Bwalya

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