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Sat, 10 Feb 2018 10:32:41 +0000

Go well police traffic cops!

Dear Editor,

This is my best news for 2018. For those who may not know it, many traffic cops own large fleets of minibuses from corruption money. But sadly this cannot be investigated because we do not have a police service to talk about except men and women in uniform getting salaries for doing nothing. This move is long overdue. Well done RTSA, we are wholly behind you.

Happy motorist


No country has a perfect constitution

Dear Editor,

The proposed motion in parliament by Mr Frank Ng’ambi to limit the times a presidential candidate can stand is long overdue. Every constitution in the world is discriminatory in one way or another.  Is it not discriminatory for someone who does not have a degree or a Grade 12 certificate to stand for  the presidency or as an MP?



Give PF, UPND dialogue chance

Dear Editor,

Fellow Zambians let us give UPND and PF dialogue a chance instead of always politicking while leaders are busy making money out of our ignorance. They are busy talking about corruption because they are the ones involved. Yet yours and my relatives don’t even know where corruption lives and how it looks like.

Kingstone Bwalya


Liberal policies no good for Zambia

Dear Editor,

I agree with Harry Kalaba with his statement on the danger of liberal policies that Zambia has recklessly embraced. Sadly we’re the most liberal economy in the world today. Seemingly we don’t care the adverse effect to the economy. You leave your mouth wide open, all flies and maggots will feast unabated. What has been happening since we over-zealously opened up the country to neo-liberal policies at the instinct of economic hit-men, Zambia has lost her fortune wittingly by surrendering to systemic abject poverty. We are in a generational crisis that requires political and societal will for redemption.

Senior Citizen


It will be a good law

 Dear Editor,

This will be a good law because it will make party presidents not to hold on to the presidency for as long as they live. Please pass it and also that should apply to MPs. We are tired of seeing the same people on the political scene.



Banning plastics  good idea

Dear Editor,

Brilliant! Banning plastics is a good idea. We are currently at a stage where it is next to impossible to recycle. Presently, the mindset behind recycling is farfetched from the Zambians. Step 1. Ban plastics. This applies to plastic shopping bags as most of the commodities are contained in plastics. Step 2. Create infrastructure for recycling. Step 3. Encourage the mindset of recycling…we can borrow the Scandinavian model (all shopping malls should include a recycling system which can be used to convert recycle material into cash for shopping).  Bono Khan


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