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Fri, 16 Feb 2018 08:12:34 +0000

No more malls please

Dear Editor,

We are tired of seeing construction of shopping malls. What we need are schools, hospitals, sanitation projects etc not malls where a few citizens have the privilege to shop. Why not improve say township roads across the country because this is more beneficial to all the people.

Musonda Mulimba


Resign from PF, Kambwili told

Dear Editor,

Kambwili in him there is no wisdom no leadership because to others K18,000 is full gratuity. We know your plans you want to hold on to PF so that you have your gratuity. If you say truthfully that you’re comfortable out of Government resign as MP too. You’re misleading people you want them to join NDC under five party but you say you’re PF proof your strength go PF is safe without you.

Joseph Jere


Fuel cheap in DR Congo

 Dear Editor,

With hard research, the Democratic Republic of Congo does not have any refinery in their country yet oil prices are lower than that of Zambia.

Johnson Mukupa


Amoxil, flagyl used for tooth infection

Dear Editor,

I wish to respond to Madam Chandra Marianne complaint over Chimwemwe Clinic in Kitwe. It’s very sad about what is happening at that clinic. But I would love to inform her that Amoxil and Flagyl are used for tooth infection to kill the bacteria that mostly cause the toothache and prevent the infection from getting into your blood

K’funky Bashi Nelson


So K18, 000 salary is peanuts?

Dear Editor,

Mr. Chishimba Kambwili, K18,000 salary per month is peanuts to you but to an average Zambian that’s a lot of money. It takes years for some people to make that money and you still want them to make you richer by putting you in State House. Nimwebo ba mulya mwibala!!!.

Elijah Phiri Ejay


That rejected health insurance plan

Dear Editor,

It is retrogressive to reject the bill. It was our hope for attaining universal health coverage. When one gets very ill and needs medical care at second and third level hospitals is when they realize that quality health care is a need and is not cheap, and a dream for the majority of Zambians

Nawina Mwiya


Malls benefit a few

Dear Editor,

Is there real economic benefits from these Chinese malls? Are we not merely providing market for their products? What is happening now to Zambians who used to go outside to order the same products that are being off-loaded in Zambia?

Geoffrey Simpasa

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