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Tue, 04 Oct 2016 10:03:34 +0000

That boycott was hardly necessary

Dear Editor

I write to commend UPND Members of Parliament for their resolve to finally start attending Parliament business starting on Tuesday the 4th of October, 2016, after boycotting the official opening of Parliament by Republican President Edgar Lungu last week Friday.

They earlier before the boycott swore on Oaths and one wonders why they had to even swear on oath only to backslide the day after.

Their allegiance now is to the President of the land  and the people that voted them into power period.

The period for politicking is over, now is the time to serve the bosses who are the electorate.

Wisdom Muyunda, CHINGOLA


Yes, send HH, GBM  to prison

Dear Editor,

The problem with our UPND leader  Hakainde Hichilema thinks he is almost a god, untouchable and can break the law, like he has with impunity.

But thanks to our weak Police because going by those events in  Southern Province after our August 11 elections, it is more  than clear even to the layman that both HH and GBM  should have  been behind bars by now for promoting political violence.

That HH and GBM are still free men, at least for now, its shocking. So  for him today to claim that  President Lungu want to arrest him is total gibberish.

Indeed if he has broken the law it  is the police who are going to arrest him not Lungu like they do with all other criminals.

If police on the Copperbelt feel that he has broke the law, they will do they job to arrest him  and bring him before the courts of law who if found guilty indeed he will be sent to prison.

Many far more important people than HH have been to prison before or shall I shall real men (not who are scared of prison) for good causes.

I am not familiar with the events of Copperbelt but the scenes in Namwala up to now break my heart.

That a party which wants to form government can allow the same people it wants to govern to have their little hurts  burnt down simply because they are not Tongas its madness of the worst form

HH and GBM (that violent man) failed to come out  in the open to strongly condemn those sad events in Namwala.

It is because  of  police inertia that some lawyers  have  decided to take it upon themselves  to take the matter to ICC because what happened in Southern Province were crimes against humanity.

Imagine HH today  is crying for his rights the ones he campaigned day and night not to vote for in the just failed referendum.

All I can say is that everything has time. If it is now prison time for HH and GBM so be it. Nobody is above the law.

Indeed President Lungu has a duty to protect the lives of all citizens including law breakers like HH and GBM.

But law breakers must first be punished and for me I think  if Ms Charity Katanga is made police IG the police will change for better  because she is a woman of subsistence.

In its current form our police is multifunctional. Can you imagine that the c0mmand had to send officers from Lusaka to quell  the Bwengwa riots in Southern Province at one time. Don’t we have police in that province?

They  say the guilty are afraid. So it is not up to President to want to imprison HH. Our courts of law will send him to prison if they find guilty.

Government must surely deal FIRMLY with law breakers. Paul Zembani Thole


Opening of PF Mwaiseni Bus stop office welcome

Dear Editor,

I write to applaud the gallant men and women who came with a resolve to open a Patriotic Front Party office at Mwaiseni Bus Station.

This is a very good resolve for the party in the district bearing in mind that PF was borne in Chingola yet there was no party office to go to before then.

The offices though situated at Mwaiseni Bus Station, should not be misinterpreted as being there to run the station but for the well being of the party.

The Executive PF Committee members found there know that the station is for every Zambian regardless of their political affiliation and therefore, there should not be misgivings in the idea.

That is where the offices have been found for the party and all party members are free to go there and familiarize themselves with the party manifesto and the happenings in the party.

This was well after thought idea of the Party Committee members and the move should therefore be supported by every party member. Concerned Zambian

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