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Tue, 13 Feb 2018 10:35:21 +0000

Bars, night clubs should operate in clean environment

Dear Editor,

I WRITE to support all local authorities that are working round the clock to bring sanity in the various districts and municipalities in

Under the Liquor Licensing regulation Act of 2012 and the Public Health Act, it is a serious offence for bars to operate in dirty environments and
outside stipulated hours.

Most bars in townships are not only operating in dirty environments thereby putting the lives of patrons at risk but also outside legal business hours.

Patrons also have a role to play by compelling bar owners to have clean places through shunning dirty places-after all beer is not given free of charge.

Lastly, I am suggesting to the Ministry of Local Government to make cleaning of markets lawful and on monthly basis.

I wish also to commend water development permanent secretary Dr Eddy Chomba for being an actionoriented man and having a positive
attitude towards work.

The man is always on the ground ensuring things are moving.

The PS is worth emulating by all civil servants occupying those offices.



Illegal union transfers must stop

Dear Editor,

THE Ministry of General Education should ensure that the payroll is strictly controlled to curb transfer of teachers from one union to another without their consent.

With the mushrooming of teachers union in Zambia, some unions are desperate for subscriptions hence using hand under methods to transfer teachers from their bona fide unions to theirs.

The concern by ZCTU director of public relations and international affairs Martin Chembe over the matter is very true and must be taken seriously.

I was one of the victims at one time in Chililabombwe, when some unscrupulous union leaders of PETUZ now BETUZ transferred me from my one and only union ZNUT.

We had to write a lot of correspondence for me to revert to my old union. Please follow procedure to recruit members.

Timothy Kambilima.



 Dear Editor,

ARREST anyone who incites violence especially this Chishimba Kambwili, the hypocrite.

He was the one tasked with improving things as MP for Roan Constituency but what did he do?

Instead he gave himself contracts. He is playing to the grievances the people of Luanshya are feeling because of the low level of investment these Chinese have brought to that town.

These Luanshya Copper Mines (LCM) people have neglected the town entirely, no corporate social responsibility at all.

Luanshya used to have one of the best sports complexes during the UNIP days. But today it is a different story.

I recall the days of ZCCM sports festival what a sad state of affairs it is today to see such a rundown infrastructure which the Chinese have not bothered to revive.

These are the feelings the people have and this is why they are angry.

We see the same thing with Mulungushi Textiles in Kabwe where the factory is just a ghost structure!

Chinese investment can be a blessing and a curse depending on the checks and balances.

Such companies such as LCM are tarnishing the good image of China.

As for us there is no going back we are for Green Party! Green Party for a better tomorrow with Peter Sinkamba a leader that cares for all Zambians!

2020 vision


Make Chipolopolo Kopa replica jerseys affordable

Dear Editor,

I WISH to salute the Andrew Kamanga‘s management for designing its own kit called Kopa to be used by all the national teams.

The new kit which was unveiled at the 2018 CHAN tournament is long overdue because in recent times we have been let down by some kit suppliers.

As much as, FAZ want to have more income from the Kopa Kit, I would like to urge them to make the replica jerseys affordable to all Zambians.

The replicas should not cost more than K50 all around.

All those who will be caught selling fake Kopa jerseys should be arrested and prosecuted.

Lastly, I am appealing to FAZ to seriously think of engaging an expatriate coach to replace Wedson Nyirenda who has failed to deliver to our expectations.

As long as ‘Wada’ remains at the helm of the Chipolopolo Boys chances of Zambia making it to the 2019 AfCON and 2022 World Cup remain slim.

Ardent Chipolopolo Fan

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