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Mon, 12 Dec 2016 11:25:45 +0000

Gambian’s Yahya Jammeh


If David Cameron woke up one morning, shortly after the Brexit referendum, and told the Britons that he had evidence that the Brexit vote was after all faulty, and is thus not leaving 10 Downing House, what would his sympathisers have done?  I bet they would have sought the best psychiatrists to shrink his head! Similarly, why shouldn’t a similar procedure be done on Yahya Jammeh?

Eric Nawa, Chongwe


Kafue residents cry for better roads


Allow me space in your paper to comment on the state of roads in Kafue district. As much as the government had put up Kafue Road through to Chirundu border which is very good for commerce and trade, the people of Kafue too want to see development in areas of markets and other public infrastructure. Concerned Kafue


Yes, FAZ should introduce ‘Team B’


Yes, it is true that FAZ should re-introduce Zambia soccer team “B” to supplement players to the national team. This kind of system in the past worked well and our national team was very strong. Players who failed to perform in the national team were subsequently shown the exit door to create room for those in the ‘reserve army”. Yes, our Zambian soccer team was second best in Africa, but not now where even under dogs are humiliating us. This is an unacceptable. We want a strong team.

Soccer fan 


ZABS, where are the S7 Note?


The Samsung Note 7 phone has been recalled worldwide, but here in Zambia, it is on sale and even put on promotion. Where is Zambia Bureau of Standards? Are we waiting for one to actually explode?

Concerned citizen


Discipline PF cadres in bus stations


The presence of cadres in bus stations is hectic and so annoying. If I may ask, who has authorised these cadres to be in stations? They are not only harassing bus drivers and conductors but also passengers. This level of lawlessness exhibited by these guys is worrying. I, therefore, appeal to our President Edgar Lungu to discipline these people. They are making our business tougher.

Businessman, Lusaka


Yes, councillors should be salaried


It is true, our councillors should be given a decent salary so that they work well .To start with councillors are the ones with the people on the ground. These are the people who the voters look at in terms helping them solve problems they face on the ground but they don’t draw a salary. How can they solve problems without financial resources?  Councillors should start getting salaries no debates about it.

Mwansa M Kamima


True, Guy Scott should quit politics


I wish to concur with Jay Kabemba on his observations that Dr Scott should quick active politics because physically he is simply no there. The spirit is there but the flesh is saying it has had enough. Quit while you can Scott.



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