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Tue, 04 Oct 2016 10:07:34 +0000

HH, GBM please give us a break!


The person who told the people of Zambia that he can fix the economy of the country seems to not have a vision. Why cant HH and GBM accept their loss to Edgar. What behaviour are they portraying to the world and the country they wanted to rule? HH and GBM, Please give us time to plan for the future! Cant you just say well done Lungu, we will meet again in 2021! Please HH, If you are an elder in the SDA Church, read Romans: 13 downward. Give respect to the President, you lose nothing.

Kasonde, Masaiti


Boycott UPND MPs fooled themselves


If the UPND MP’s will attend Parliament sessions to be presided over by the Speaker, then they have no grain of principles in their conduct because Dr. Matibini derives his authority in parliament as Speaker of oath before the Head of State Edgar Lungu. So who are they fooling, if not themselves.

Adeodatus Matafwali. Lusaka


Dr Banda, explain how HH got 33,000 votes in Dundumwezi


Dr, Canisius Banda, you paid the price of not seeing that the person you trusted has made you look like you are not a  medical doctor. You didn’t see that when the cartel lead by Dr. Guy Scott joined the UPND that was the time you should have left the UPND. This man HH is not a person you can work with. The man is in dreamland! He thinks that he is God! How on earth could he do this to you doctor? Now that you are out, please inform the nation how HH got 33000 votes from Dundumwezi. Ba doctor ba Banda, tell the truth!

Kasonde, Masaiti


Halt presidential funds


The Presidential Empowerment programme in its current form is a failed project because the people in charge have professionally hi acked it by only seeking recognition from the President at the expense of marketeers. This programme is now a stage managed affair by two executive officers and is more pronounced on TV than in the markets. In Solwezi, some marketeers were given as little as K80 per person by the funder who upto now is just accountable to himself. The President must intervene immediately before the situation gets worse. The President lost a good number of votes on the Copper-belt due to this stage managed schemes.

John Phiri, Kitwe


Those invitation cards in Mandevu ward


Congrats PF for winning the 2016 general elections. Mandevu ward officials worked tirelessly during campaigns which saw a large number of votes from that area. All of them participated to the bouncing back of the PF party. Our concern is the way invitation cards are given to ward officials. Only 1 person is invited for party functions leaving out the rest of the team but during campaigns we worked as team.

PF member, mandevu


This is for church mother bodies


The Bible we read is not a novel or book of fictitious fairy tales with no bearing on humanity as a whole.

Every Zambian must know that the church mother bodies did not fight for Zambia’s political independence but instead have contributed in keeping people in total ignorance and spiritual darkness.

Concerned Citizen 


Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company poor services


Allow me space in your paper to air my concern about the poor service we receive from the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. The water pipe at our place has been dripping for over three weeks now, we had made them aware about it but nothing has been done. Chama Kambole

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