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Shocked by disregard of the President


How could a judge suggest that Minister Margret Mwanakatwe was “carrying herself” as a Minister?

This was tantamount to questioning the power of the President to appoint Ministers. Of course, she was a Minister working under the instructions of the President. This disregard of the President is the same thing that the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has been exhibiting and saying. There should be no doubt in anybody’s mind that President Edgar Lungu was and continues to be President of this country and no Judge and his colleagues can change this fact.

Robson Nyondo



Councillors deserve salaries


Councillors are not appointed, they are elected by the people. These people have families and extended relatives. They also have needs like any other human being. It is their right to talk about their monthly allowances. Local Government Association and the ministry have failed to improve the conditions of  councillors. At last year’s AGM for Local Government Association, the issue was brought to their attention, and even the PS Amos Malupenga failed to explain the issue. If you need good work from the councillors, improve the allowance.

M Sekeleti




Councillors do not deserve salaries


Zambia will be the first country where civic leaders will demand salaries. Elsewhere and indeed in Zambia, councillors have always served on voluntary basis because there is not enough work or indeed engagement to keep them involved through the entire month to deserve a salary.




ZAMBEEF driver wins kudos


I would like to congratulate Zambeef driver who drives ABF 8113. The man truly has experience in driving. Only if the company can have 10 of such drivers, it can make a big difference.




Buses moving at night


Stopping buses moving at night won’t avoid accidents. To the contrary it will encourage bus drivers to be making unnecessary stoppages. It will also encourage drivers to sneak into nearby night clubs for booze and fun leaving passengers asleep and carry on with the journey the following morning while nursing heavy hang overs. Most of our drivers are too playful and incompetent.





Amos Chanda cleared air on President’s  foreign trips


Kindly allow me to thank presidential press Aide Mr. Amos Chanda for coming out so clearly on Sunday interview to inform the nation on the importance of the trips our beloved President Lungu makes abroad. Doubting Thomases have been shamed clean. How can any political leader celebrate calamity which befell the five provinces and attribute it to PF? No wonder, he lost. Come 2021 this leader will fall again badly. God help Zambia, God bless our President and continue to prevail on him to serve your people in a Christian manner.





Daily Nation should open offices

in all provinces


Let me thank Daily Nation agent Victor Kalomo in Mongu for working hard. I, therefore, request Daily Nation to open offices in all the 10 provinces so that we can give you information and advertising through your office.

Concerned Customer



Bring back Davis Chama to the position of SG


My advice to the Patriotic Front is that Mr Davis Chama should be given the position of the secretary general. He guided the party very well. It is very painful for me to see the party beginning to crack because of careless talk and lack of quality leadership. You lose an election at constituency and you start targeting your colleagues who won.  Let’s put the party in safe hands. I hope the President will give an ear to this cry.  The Lord says faith comes through hearing. God bless President Edgar Chagwa Lungu and Mama bo Vice President Inonge Mutukwa Wina and all Patriotic Front members.

Diehard PF  learned Kapenya

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