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Criminal subjudice as the Mast defends the Post


It is curious an interesting that a robust defense of the Post Newspaper was published by the Mast yesterday, on the same day as Judge Nkonde was set to hear the various applications concerning the matter. Was this not a case of subjudice, namely commenting adversely on a matter before the court in order to influence the outcome? The defense literary accused the judge of wrong doing. Shouldn’t the Editor of the Mast be arrested for contempt?

Thomson Were


LAZ president Ms Kasonde’s outbursts


Why do you hate President Lungu? You talk like a political cadre and not as an educated lawyer. Where were you when HH insulted and belittled our judges? Where were you when Ms. Mushipe misbehaved in court? Is this what you call fair play? You aren’t fit for that position! Be sober and respect elders and our Constitution.

PCI, Lusaka


Advice to ZRA boss


The institution should employ more inspectors who can go round to monitor business houses. There are a lot of business houses operating without paying tax. These people are stealing from the government. If measures are put in place, ZRA can make trillions of kwacha.

Kennedy Munyemesha

Helen Kaunda


Women should go into goat, pig rearing


I urge women to diversify into goat and pig rearing because it is more lucrative and self-sustainable. Goat and pig breeding has its benefits and advantages that can help improve the lives of women especially in rural areas. Women should be encouraged to diversify into business for the benefit of their families. It has less labor and capital required to start this business.



Viable road networks


Viable road networks are a major catalyst for national development. They help reduce the cost of doing business and enables government to take services closer to the people. Government should take infrastructure development to all parts of Zambia especially roads. Infrastructure development should be priority on government’s agenda. Lastly, government should help ZNS work on some of the feeder roads especially in rural areas.



OPEC agrees to cut oil production


This is a deliberate move to push up oil prices. How prepared are we as a country especially that procurement will be done by the private sector?

Silwizya, Kaprir Mposhi


Mwanakatwe appeal refusal


I am baffled by Judge Siavwapa’s refusal to allow Mwanakatwe stay in order to appeal her nullification of the seat. The previous day, Judge Musona granted Nkadu Luo stay in the same circumstances. Court rules and interpretations seem to be different for each Judge.

Concerned citizen, Kapiri


Job well done


I thank you for your coverage and would also like to comment on Councilors salary of K700. I feel it is enough for them because they are doing nothing in their wards apart from reading newspapers and discussing politics in town till evenings; they can’t meet the people who voted for them! They don’t even know what is happening and the boundaries of their wards and can’t direct their people to clean up drainages.



Shame of  Ndola police


On 23rd November 2016 I was driving a truck along Kabwe road going to Ndola. When I reached a railway road crossing next to Indeni at old Regiment, thieves jumped on the trailer and stole 42 x 10 bags of sugar. The matter was reported at Indeni police post. But to my surprise, the officers acted unprofessionally. I am saying so because they denied me a police report and failed to apprehend the thieves even after showing them where the same suspects live. They even went there with an AK 47 riffles and one officer said tachepa and yet the thieves were only four. How can officers fail to apprehend thieves? This is very shameful! Citizen


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