Toilets construction works delay market opening

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 12:43:58 +0000


 ON-GOING construction of ablution blocks at the newly constructed market in Kaunda Square Stage One compound have delayed opening of the new facility, traders conducting business outside the market have complained.

One of the traders, Amos Changwe told the Daily Nation that while commending government for construction of the modern market, it was imperative to speed up ablution construction works so that the market is occupied.

“We are finding it difficult to trade outside due to heavy rains and we have no proper trading stalls.

“However we commend government for creating a conducive and enabling environment for the people just like they have done for traders at Soweto market and city market, “said Mr Changwe.

Another trader, Grace Kasokomona, a fruit and vegetable trader, complained of poor business outside the facility as most clients were skeptical to buy from outside due to the cholera outbreak.

Meanwhile area ward, Councilor, Sylvester Mulenga, admitted that the opening of the new market structure had delayed due to the ongoing construction of the toilets which he said have neared completion.

“I ‘am appealing to traders to remain calm as works are progressing well. The PF government wants to fulfil campaign promises made during the run up to 2016 elections, “he said

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