UNIP calls for end to political violence

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 10:39:26 +0000



 UNITED National Independence Party (UNIP) in Southern Province has attributed political violence as witnessed from the previous elections to inability by people grasp pertinent political issues.

UNIP provincial chairman Captain Robert Mukengami says that until everyone realises that campaigns and dialectics were a necessary process for political change, then the nation will always have political violence.

In a written submission tendered to the Commission of Inquiry on Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence which was sitting in Livingstone on Monday, Captain Mukengami said that people turned to violence out of malice but because they couldn’t stand  opposing viewpoints.

Captain Mukengami further charged that it was imperative for all those taking part in the political campaigns to conduct substantive campaigns other than what happened in 2016.

“As UNIP in Southern Province, we believe and recommend that the one Zambia one nation motto must be companioned as we head to the 2021 general elections,” he said.

“Political violence and regionalism in Zambia is growing at an alarming rate and this trend should be a source of worry for all well-meaning Zambia who want peace and progress for our dear country,” he said.

“The electoral violence recorded in the 2016 general elections clearly shows that all hands must be on deck to end this ugly trend in our nation. In every democratic system, governance is the only legitimate determinant entrance to political office or leadership,” he said.

Captain Mukengami further attributed the electoral violence to inadequate voter education, unemployment, corruption and lack of internal democracy in political parties.

On lack of internal democracy in political parties, Captain Mukengami submitted that some political parties had failed in their primary duty to re-orient politicians within their fold on the need to play by the rules.

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