Up goes petrol price!

Sat, 15 Oct 2016 11:05:03 +0000

THE Energy Regulation board (ERB) has with effect from midnight raised the pump price of fuel upwards due to the volatility of the local currency against the US dollar.

Speaking at media briefing yesterday, ERB vice board chairman Professor Francis Yamba said that in line with the policy decision to remove fuel subsidies and the current policy direction to migrate to cost reflective pricing of energy services and products it was decided to raise the price of fuel.

Prof Yamba said the price of petrol would rise from the currrent K 9.87 to   K 13.70 a litre, diesel from K 8.59 to K 11.40 a litre, while Kerosene from K 6.12 to K 8.03 and Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) from K 10.88 to K 13.69 a litre. He said that the domestic prices of fuel were last reviewed in July, 2015.

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