UPND has no complete PVT

Wed, 05 Oct 2016 10:16:23 +0000

THERE is no complete PVT evidence by the UPND to prove that they won the last general elections, its former vice-president for political affairs Canisius Banda has disclosed. “The truth about 2016 is that not even UPND has evidence that the UPND won the elections.

The UPND’s own PVT is incomplete even as we speak. What UPND has is evidence of electoral malpractice, which if the Constitutional Court had its senses intact should have triggered a rerun.” He explained that there was no basis in terms of poll figures for the UPND to suggest that it won the August 11 presidential and general elections.

“I challenge the UPND to give you the complete PVT showing that they won the elections because they will not be able to produce it as there was none,” Dr Banda said. Mr. Banda said that in 2015, because of Hichilema’s own personal decision, without consulting the party’s NEC, he unilaterally outsourced vote protection services to a PF-infiltrated company. “Come to 2016, Lusaka Province is where much of the electoral fraud occurred.

The protection of the votes in Lusaka Province was entrusted with one Dipak Patel, a friend of Hichilema. This task was given to Dipak by Hichilema himself. Many party officials were excluded.” Dr Banda explained. “That is how we were conned. Ask Hichilema,” he said.

Deliberately, he said, required forms were not distributed and kids were used…” and the rest is history.” In both elections, he said, Hichilema was to blame, as an individual. “And this was my warning to him 10 years ago; that becoming Republican President is in your destiny but should you fail it will entirely be your own fault. This has now come to pass,” he said.

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