UPND leaders unpatriotic, says Mumbi

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 10:53:41 +0000


REVELATIONS by Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba in which he bragged that he has shifted his commercial empire from Zambia to neighbouring states shows how unpatriotic the UPND leaders are, former UPND presidential spokesperson Edward Mumbi has observed.

Mr Mumbi said it was disappointing that Mr Mwamba, who is aspiring to lead the country could publicly boast that he has created more than 300 jobs for foreigners at the expense of Zambians.

This was in reaction to Mr Mwamba’s recent revelations that he has shifted his commercial empire from Zambia to South Africa and Zimbabwe due to political “gymnastics” in Zambia.

But Mr Mumbi said Mr. Mwamba’s behaviour is not only irritating but also unacceptable, adding that Zambians should not tolerate unpatriotic leaders who are full of themselves.

Mr Mumbi also condemned the UPND top brass for investing huge amounts of money in offshore accounts, describing their move as unpatriotic and selfish.

He said any person who aspires to lead the country must have the interests of the nation first.

He charged that Mr Mwamba’s bragging has publicly exposed him as an unpatriotic citizen who is only interested in enriching himself.

“The UPND leaders’ position to relocate their fortunes which they acquired in Zambia to foreign countries shows their lack of  patriotism. Banking in offshore accounts and creating employment for Zimbabweans and South Africans goes to show how unpatriotic they are.

“This clearly shows that UPND has a leadership intellectual deficit in that their quest is not to help Zambians but only interested in enriching themselves further,” Mr Mumba charged.

Featuring on a television programme recently, Mr Mwamba, the UPND vice president for politics, bragged and claimed that he had been forced to invest in Zimbabwe and South Africa where he has created more than 300 jobs for foreigners due to political “gymnastics” in Zambia.

Mr Mwamba claimed that government made it difficult for him to do businesses in Zambia to an extent where those who dealt with him were threatened with dismissals.

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