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…They risk having no candidates to field in the 2021 Presidential race


THE opposition UPND and the NDC risk having no candidates to field in the Presidential race if they continue with their treasonous behaviour, former UPND deputy spokesperson, Edwin Lifwekelo has warned.

Mr Lifwekelo said that in as much as the opposition parties were still in a state of shock and confusion, their leaders needed to keep themselves in check.

He told the Daily Nation that panic and desperation was now leading some opposition leaders into treasonous behaviour.

Mr Lifwekelo warned that United Party for National Development (UPND) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) risked having no candidates in the 2021 Presidential race if they continued with their treasonous behaviour.

He pointed out that the two opposition parties were at the mercy of the Patriotic Front (PF) as the ruling party could seek legal action against some of the illegalities.

Mr Lifwekelo advised UPND and the newly formed NDC to tone down, adding that the two opposition parties had been abusing their democracy with impunity.

“The opposition, in particular UPND and NDC are in a state of shock and confusion. This can be seen from the panic by the two parties. The level of desperation by their leaders is quiet alarming. Our simple advice is please learn to walk before you run,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Lifwekelo said that Zambia was headed for economic boom and likely to become the Dubai of Africa going by the positive economic fundamentals and viable policies being implemented by government.

He commended President Edgar Lungu for the positive changes to his cabinet, which he said were long overdue.

Mr Lifwekelo, a senior PF member pointed out that the changes were likely to accelerate both political and economic development.

He said that most ministers that had been moved were now in their correct portfolios because of the vast experience they would bring to their respective ministries.

“We just want to tell detractors that no amount of imaginary and fictitious corruption allegations by bitter, frustrated and visionless political opponents will disrupt the President and PF,” said Mr Lifwekelo.

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