Utilise think tanks, China prods Zambia

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 07:57:31 +0000


Zambia has been advised to emulate China on investing in research and development in order to come up with concrete policies that influence national economic growth.

Speaking in Lusaka when he paid courtesy call on Bernadette Deka, the director at Policy Monitory Research Centre (PMRC), Chinese Ambassador to Zambia, Yang Youming said it took China 40 years to be where it is today, a development he attributed to extensive research.

“Think Tanks in China made a great contribution to the progress China achieved over the past 40years of reforms and opening up. So without think tanks it would have been impossible for China to develop rapidly,” Mr. Youming said.

He said changes across the world are enough signs to direct models of research for developing countries.

“China’s development has driven more think tanks and formed more integrated think tanks systems. It is a delight that Zambia’s think tanks are developing rapidly.

“Think tanks play an important role on state governance, economic development and cultural soft power and have become more indispensable part of country on the way to develop,” further state the diplomat.

Speaking at the same meeting, Ms Deka expressed appreciation of the guidance by the Chinese Ambassador calling for continuous collaboration with her institution.

Ms Deka said, “I hope that Policy Monitory Research Centre (PMRC) continues to cooperate on joint research and collaborate with Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) and other Chinese think tanks to contribute to deepen engagements.”

“It is our hope that the Chinese Embassy continues to extend the much needed support, as we ensure that the nation is provided with relevant and timely information,” said Ms. Deka.

China’s pledge towards African has seen the “super power” living up to its 2015 commitment of spending at least US $60billion on funding support towards the continent, Zambia included. Two years after, China signed project contract valued at US $40billion building on its promises to work towards helping the continent scale up its growth.

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