Vendors shun market as 360 stalls vacant

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 11:16:21 +0000


 ABOUT 360 stands at Nakoli Market in Kabwe remain unoccupied as vendors are reluctant to relocate and trade in the market.

Nakoli ward councillor Charles Chityaka says relocating vendors to Nakoli market was still a challenge because most vendors had not yet accepted the fact that street vending had been abolished.

Speaking to the Daily Nation in an Interview, Mr Chityaka said there was need for concerted efforts from government and stakeholders in relocating vendors to markets if the process was to succeed.

The local leader said the mind set of most vendors had not changed and therefore the resistance to trade from the designated markets.

“Vendors are shunning the markets because their minds are set on selling from the streets. Concerted efforts from government and stakeholders are needed to change their mindset so that they can agree to go back to the markets in their respective areas,” said Mr Chityaka.

He said it appeared the vendors were resisting to relocate because they still believed they would go back to the streets one day.

And Mr Chityaka said sanitation at Nakoli market had greatly improved both inside and outside with clean toilets, therefore, vendors had no reason to shun the market.

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