Violent police irk LAZ

Mon, 13 Aug 2012 14:45:37 +0000

Flashback of Police violence

The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) may conduct a private prosecution to bring to book the violent police officers who assaulted a lawyer at Emmersdale Police Station.

LAZ President James Banda warned that any inertia in the prosecution of the officers for the assault of lawyer Abraham Mwansa would force the Association to undertake private prosecution to emphasize the need for the Police to conduct themselves in a professional manner.

The business of the Police he said, was protect citizens and not to attack them at the slightest excuse.

The Association he said strongly condemned the truant officers who attacked the lawyer who went to the police station to attend to a client who was being help by the police.
The police, he said, were not only unprofessional but physically abused the lawyer “The attack was unwarranted and should not go unpunished.” He said.

He added that every citizen had a constitutional right to be represented by a lawyer of their choice and it followed that no lawyer could be stopped from attending to a client’s interview or interrogation by an law enforcement agency.

“This is a very basic point which every police officer and indeed all other law enforcement officers should know.”

Mr. Banda added that any officer who acted contrary to this basic but fundamental principle and in the process assaulted a lawyer performing his task was “ a disgrace to the hard working men and women in the law enforcement world.”

Mr. Banda called upon the Inspector General of Police to immediately institute investigations in the matter and take appropriate action against the erring officers,” The action should include prosecution.” He said.

As an association, LAZ respected the work of law enforcement agencies and would cooperate with them in their work, “We know that they work under very difficult circumstances to get results. However, we will not condone such barbaric and uncivilized acts on our members and indeed on any citizens of this country.” He said.

Mr. Mwansa was assaulted when he went to the station to attend to his client Dick Masebo who was being held.

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