We expect Sata Press Conference

Mon, 04 Feb 2013 11:54:48 +0000

United Liberal Party President Sakwiba Sikota has welcomed the announcement by Chief  Government spokesman Kennedy Sakeni indicating that President Sata was out of the country to reflect.
“We are very glad to learn that the President is away reflecting on affairs of state because it indicates that a new direction will be articulated on his return.
Mr. Sikota explained that Dr. Kaunda used to go to Mfuwe, Dr. Chiluba to Kasaba Bay, Dr. Mwanawasa went to his farm in Ndola and Dr. Rupiah Banda went to his farm in Chipata to reflect.
Each time they came back, he said, they would hold a press conference to articulate and share their reflections with the nation.
It was his hope that  Mr. Sata would also hold a press conference to share with the nation his reflections and views on important national matters.
“We are grateful that Mr. Sakeni has explained what the President was doing in the last few days, “We hope he can hold a press conference to share the reflections, like his previous colleagues did.” He said.

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