Where to mother Zambia?

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December7 2012


President Michael Sata has been challenged to explain to the nation what he has achieved during his time in the public office.

Political analyst on good governance Dante Saunders said it was high time Mr Sata should display his achievements and tell the nation where the country was heading into.

Mr Saunders told the Daily Nation in an interview that it was sad that the PF government was not specific on where it was taking the country’s development to because it was inconsistence in the handling  of  national matters.

He noted that corrupt activities were rampant in the PF government, and should be stopped.

“The PF government is failing to explain to the nation what they are about to, instead they have continued promising on things they cannot even achieve, just to divert pertinent issues,” he said.

Mr Saunders accused the PF government of being inconsistence, following the continued creation of new districts, without any funds allocated to them.

He said most of the programmes initiated by government were not included in the 2013 budget, and that such would be difficult to be implemented in the long run.

Mr Saunders maintained that many things had gone wrong in the governance system and needed to be checked before things were completely gone to worst.

He said issues some sectors of society have been raising about corruption in the PF government should not be seen as an attempt to disgrace the leadership but were aimed at helping the government to achieve.

“They are various matters of national importance that need to be addressed by the sitting government,” he said.

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