Writing, reading culture worry Open University

Mon, 10 Oct 2016 10:06:58 +0000


WRITING and reading culture in Zambia is very weak, Zambia Open University (ZoU) vice chancellor Professor Olusegun Yerokun has observed.

Prof. Yerokun said the only way to hide something in Zambia was by putting it in writing because the reading and writing culture was very weak.

Prof. Yerokun said this on Friday evening at Cresta Golf View hotel during the official launch of the Law Journal done by the School of Law.

“It is a happy occasion for the ZoU tonight because we again announce ourselves as Zambia’s leading academy.

“We gather recognise our efforts and success in launching a Journal of Law at the Zambia Open University which will play a very big role in our society. It will help us, as lecturers, in our teaching abilities and our research endeavours,” he said.

Prof. Yerokun, however, said that it was sad to note that the literacy levels were very low in Zambia.

He said very few Zambians were able to read, articulate and understand what they read, hence the very weak literacy levels in Zambia.

Prof. Yerokun said having a journal produced by the Zambia Open University would be used to contribute in efforts to improve literacy levels in Zambia.

“If you want to hide something in Zambia, put it in writing because the writing and reading culture is very weak. We are proud to launch the ZoU Journal in law as our contribution to the literacy levels in Zambia and the world at large,” he said.

Prof. Yerokun said the law journal was the first of the Zambia Open University and congratulated the dean in the school of law Dr. Kalombo Mwansa for the tremendous pioneer leadership effort.

He said he had looked through the editorial board, adding that they were people of good repute and encouraged the dean (Dr. Mwansa) to improve on the editorial board by making it more international.

He said it was the hope of management that other units at the university would take note from what the law school had done by contributing to the image of Zambian Open University through research in journals and promoting literacy in Zambia.

And Zambia Open University dean in the School of Law Dr. Kalombo Mwansa said the editorial board of the journal had already started receiving materials for consideration for publication for the second volume.

Dr. Mwansa said the editorial board would soon be meeting for the editing of the materials, adding that within the period of three months volume 2 should be published.

“The first volume which we are launching today includes topics on law and ethics, the lawyer as citizen among many, all authored by local and foreign best scholars,” he said.

Dr. Mwansa said the journal also contains topics such as law of tourism, law of diplomacy and property acquired.

He said scholars, lawyers and non-lawyers and policy makers would find the journal very useful.

Dr. Mwansa also thanked the mission press for the production of the journal for the Zambia Open University School of Law, adding that he was hopeful that their relations would be strengthened in the years to come.

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