Wusakile School ground not for sale – MP

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 10:34:56 +0000


WUSAKILE Member of Parliament (MP) Pavyuma Kalobo has said Wusakile Secondary School ground is not for sale and that whoever will be involved in such a dubious deal will face the wrath of Wusakile residents.

Mr Kalobo said the school ground was meant for various sports activities adding that whoever would be sold the land in question would be dealt with by his office and members of the community.

The Wusakile MP was reacting to public outcry following the alleged sale of the school grounds to a Chinese investor who intends to construct a shopping mall on the same piece of land.

Mr Kalobo said in an interview in Kitwe that the residents of Wusakile Township and himself were against the sale of the school ground and that if the school management had sold the same piece of land, they would regret their decision.

“The residents of Wusakile and myself as MP, we are against the idea of selling the school grounds because it is meant for various sports activities. Even the school management has refused to sell the school ground to any developer.

“But, if the school management has sold the school ground, then they will regret their decision. Uyo wine ba shitishako Ichibansa aka tusanga tulemupembela meaning the developer to whom they have sold the school ground to, will find us waiting for him,” Mr Kalobo said.

Mr Kalobo said he was advocating for the revival of sports activities at the school like the ones which were there during the times of the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (ZCCM) that would help young people who had been using the ground.

He said, he has been sponsoring football, netball and pool tournaments as a way of helping young people from getting involved in beer drinking and illicit activities.

“When I sponsored the Pavyuma Kalobo football tournament at Mogadishu grounds in Chamboli Township, I hinted that I wanted to rehabilitate the grounds because it was in a bad state.

“While I want to rehabilitate Mogadishu ground to revive sports activities, some people want to sell Wusakile School grounds? Ok Okay, we shall see how it will go,” He said

He urged the Kitwe City Council (KCC) to expose whoever was involved in the illegal deal of Wusakile school grounds so that people could know the truth. But, on Saturday, February 16, 2018, the Kitwe City Council distanced itself from the intended sale of Wusakile Secondary School grounds to a Chinese investor who intends to construct a shopping mall on the same piece of land.

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