Yamoto return back at Woodlands Stadium

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 13:32:56 +0000


THE community-owned City of Lusaka Football Club is the only club recognised by FAZ and has returned to our home ground Woodlands Stadium, club general secretary Christopher Chilongo has said.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Nation Sports in Lusaka, Chilongo said the club had relocated to Cooperative College grounds along Leopards Hill road to avoid confrontations with the other camp led by Forli Limited.

Chilongo said the club decided to return to Woodlands Stadium following the meeting which was held last Wednesday between club representative Chifumu Banda, who was appointed interim board chairperson, and Forli Limited representatives who agreed to resolve the happenings at City.

“We returned to our home ground yesterday and the team trained from there. The club is not owned by City FC 2000 Plc. It is owned by the community who formed and owns the City of Lusaka 2000 Plc, with a few individuals having shares in the company. The team and coaches are already recruited and we are authorised by FAZ. The company will launch the 2018 membership and as a club we have already started membership drive,” Chilongo said.

The club’s return to Woodlands Stadium came minutes after City of Lusaka 2000 Plc board member Teddy Mulonga had called on players wishing to play for City of Lusaka FC (the parallel club) to report to Woodlands Stadium because there is only one City of Lusaka FC.

Chilongo said the club will soon nominate its own directors as per club constitution to replace erring members and deceased directors whose names were still appearing on the club’s records as serving directors.

“As the executive committee, we are required to rebut in writing, through Chifumu Banda, the unsigned press release by Mulonga as it had no blessing of the club and contains misleading items.

“Shareholding matters will be dealt with without interference with the soccer team at an appropriate forum and the attempts to register the club by the other camp is not valid because we have already renewed membership with FAZ.”



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