Youths turn school grounds into sex dens

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 09:23:30 +0000


SOME youths in cholera-prone compounds in Lusaka where schools have not re-opened are reportedly using dormant school grounds for sex and other immoral activities.

In another development, some concerned residents in Matero compound have revealed that unscrupulous people had continued using Chunga cemetery and other dormant ones in Libala and Rhodes Park as sex dens.

Regarding youths, Lusaka City Council public relations manager, George Sichimba, has disclosed in an interview with the Sunday Nation that young people were using dormant places and school grounds for illicit activities including sex and beer drinking.

“We have reports of teenagers using these places for illicit activities so there is need for public order to be restored,” said Mr. Sichimba.

The illicit activities come after the Ministry of General Education disclosed that schools within cholera epicentres in Lusaka’s compounds namely Garden House, Chipata, Kanyama, Chawama, Matero and George would not open.  

Meanwhile, some concerned residents in Matero compound have complained over the continued use of Chingwere cemetery and other dormant ones for illicit activities.

Speaking on behalf of the residents,Mr Edwin Mbulo, a truck driver, appealed to the local authority and police to consider patrolling the cemeteries.

“In our culture as Zambians it is taboo for people to have sex in the graveyard. We also have information from Libala and Rhodes Park where this unchristian practice is taking place,” complained Mr. Mbulo.

But Mr Sichimba has warned that culprits would be brought to book if caught.

“Although we have not been given a report, the law under the urban and regional planning is clear which prohibits against unauthorised use of these public places.

People should have respect for cemeteries as they are final resting places” he said.

In 2012 the LCC dealt with a case in which a young couple was caught around 21:00 hours that tried to get intimate on a tombstone in the old cemetery in Rhodes Park where prostitutes have turned it into a sex den, In another development, Mr. Sichimba disclosed that some vendors had defied LCC directives to stop conducting business at cemeteries.

He advised mourners not to buy food from people trading at cemeteries following the wake of the cholera outbreak in the city. “There are people who sell merchandise including food and beer. Mourners should stop dealing with these traders,” said Mr. Sichimba, and warned that the culprits would soon face the wrath of the law.

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