Zambians regret voting for PF

Thu, 13 Sep 2012 04:42:11 +0000

Most Zambians who voted for the Patriotic Front (PF) government in the  September  2011 elections have  regretted their action because the new government has brought more miseries in their lives.

Kitwe District MMD Chairman William Nyirenda said those who voted for the PF were regretting after realizing that the party had nothing to offer except victimizing the opposition on the pretext of fighting corruption.

“They have now realized the damage they had caused to themselves by voting for PF into office and are already missing the MMD which had properly outlined programmes and policies for  national development,” he said.

Commenting on the one year of the PF in government, Mr Nyirenda said the PF had not done anything except victimizing the opposition in the name of fighting corruption.

Mr Nyirenda said it was sad that within the one year, the PF had been in government, the price of mealie meal had gone up, many people had lost jobs and human rights were not regarded, while the opposition political parties were being harassed and victimized everyday.

“To say the truth, the PF has nothing to boast about in the one year it has been in government because things are moving from bad to worse. We have high mealie-meal prices, people are losing jobs every day and disregard of human rights is the order of the day,

“Things are not getting better and this is why you find staunch PF supporters behaving like a defender in a football match who scores an own goal and decides to cover his face with his hands in agony after realizing the damage he had caused to himself and to his team.

Mr Nyirenda has also advised the opposition to be strong despite the victimization they were going through at the hands of the PF government.

He said the opposition should be strong because it would not be easy to get seats from the PF that wanted to use everything within its disposal to win the elections.

“The PF wants to intimidate the opposition so that it stops talking, but we should not stop talking. We should be united and strong to ensure that we emerge victorious in any by-election, “he  said




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