ZDDM launches black campaign

Wed, 19 Sep 2012 06:30:29 +0000

The opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement has launched a black campaign to express its disappointment over the failure by the PF government to address issues that were affecting Zambians.

ZDDM president Edwin Sakala said his party members will wear black attire up to the 20th September when the ruling PF clocks a year in office.

Mr Sakala said the failure by Mr Sata and his PF led government to deliver on the promises made to the people of Zambia has brought misery in the lives of many Zambians.

The opposition leader observed that the greatest assault on the Zambians was the lack of employment.

He said his party would be in black until the September 20th when they would switch to orange in hope that the current government would come up with a strategy to alleviate poverty in the nation.

“The PF has failed us and we say they are liars. One year down they have not done anything tangible that Zambians can boast of but all they did from inception was to lie.

The majority who voted were youth who thought would be given jobs according to Mr Sata’s campaign gimmick but it was all for nothing.

It is sad that only a few individuals are getting rich at the expense of the majority Zambians after trusting them with power and public institutions.

We shall continue to be in black because we are mourning and there is nothing to be happy about over the situation in the country.

The tension in the nation at the moment is caused by the failure of the PF to deliver on its promises and Zambians have realised that they were just taken for a ride.

We shall continue to be in black until we see what happens on the ruling party’s first anniversary in office,” said Mr Sakala.

He said that after 20th September, the party would change its dress code from black to orange a colour it thought would bring hope in the lives of many Zambians.

Mr Sakala said as a party it could not keep quiet when the ruling party was promoting hate and division in the nation.


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