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Don’t sideline women from construction sector – Lubusha

By Oliver Samboko

WOMEN should not be sidelined from the construction sector because they can perform just as well as men, Patriotic Front Eastern province chairperson Andrew Lubusha has said.

Mr Lubusha said there were many women graduating as engineers but finding it hard to find jobs in the construction sector.

He said it was sad that engineering jobs were still being considered as jobs for men in Zambia when they have been incorporated and performing well in other countries.

In commemorating Women’s Day yesterday, Mr Lubusha joined Women representatives from different community organizations in Chimpangali district and financially empowered them with K71, 000 as a token of appreciation for the massive work that they do in society.

Mr Lubusha said women have proved that they were well able to handle difficult jobs just like men can.

He questioned why women should be sidelined in the construction sector when they were accommodated in the military.

Mr Lubusha called for mindset change if women were to be considered as equals in the construction sector and given a chance.

“The construction sector in Zambia especially among private firms must be accommodative of women. There are a lot of women graduating as engineers and all these need jobs,” he said.

Mr Lubusha also urged women engineers not to shy away from starting their own engineering firms.

He said if women venture into such businesses, they would in turn employee there fellow women.

He also wished all women success in their pursuit of careers and for those raining families.

He paid tribute to the First Lady, Esther Lungu and the Vice President, Inonge Wina.

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