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THE greatest achievement of the PF Government is the introduction of the national values and principles, says Movement For Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President, Nevers Mumba.

Dr Mumba said the introduction of national values was cardinal because it would continue to build upon the declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. Speaking on ZNBC Sunday Interview, Dr. Mumba said it would be bankrupt to have a Christian Nation without knowing the values upon which to base its proclamation. “The very idea of producing that program to me is the greatest achievement this government has ever made, it fits right into my vision of Zambia Shall Be Saved and the Vision of MMD declaring Zambia as a Christian Nation,” he said. Dr Mumba urged the Church and political leaders to take the lead and ensure that values and principles were inculcated into the lives of Zambians He said both the church and political leaders should ensure that from scratch the values and principles become part of the nation.

Meanwhile, the MMD President has advised political parties that have formed alliances and those contemplating what to do to respect each other. Dr. Mumba stated that the mistake that political parties had been making in forming alliances was that those with more Members of Parliament (MPs) bully those with less.

He said political parties should understand that alliances are formed not because those who enter into the arrangement are strong or weak but because they need a partner to work within pushing forward the same agenda. And Dr. Mumba disclosed that the MMD was ready to work with other political parties including the Patriotic Front (PF) because it has never been against political alliances.

He stated that if the par[1]ty National Executive decides that the MMD gets into an alliance with the PF, he would comply in the same way he did when they decided to enter into an alliance with United Party For National Development (UPND). “If there is a perfect alliance, that is what I would choose to work with the MMD but there is a perfect political party, we are dealing with very imperfect organizations with imperfect leaderships,

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