Nalumango should learn from Kuku Inonge Wina’s calmness by not calling Zambians abatutu

Dear Editor, WE are made to believe that the recently selected UPND Vice President Ms Mutale Nalumango, by an undemocratically elected UPND is still nursing the electoral defeat she suffered from PF which led to her losing the Kaputa Parliamentary seat. With her immensely fair professional and political experience, and having served as MP, Cabinet Minister and later as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, the standard of approach toward national issues expected of her is higher than her boss, Mr Hakainde Hichilema who has never served in Government even as a councillor.

Her recent interview at a radio station leaves much to be desired especially that as UPND second in command, she is chief adviser to her boss. This is because of the manner in which she was handling questions that came from callers who would oppose her. It was very unfortunate and disappointing at the same time to hear Ms Nalumango referring to her critics as “abatuutu” and “abafontin”’ (very backward people).

This crude language is least expected from a seasoned politician and career person of her statue. Ms Nalumango uttered those words with indignation when she featured on one of the local radio stations in Lusaka. We feel Ms Nalumango demeaned the very people from whom she is begging for votes so that when she is in power (God forbid) she will insult them more! Imagine, someone who is merely in opposition coming out strongly with her vocabulary which contained nothing but bitterness and lack of respect for citizens, what would happen if she was in power? We are sure many would be ruled with an iron fist.

By and large, criticism builds individuals and make one to forge ahead and soldier on. No one has ever succeeded without fair criticism and we can safely say the criticism that came from all the callers on the radio programme were sober, respectful and devoid of insults or disrespect. Additionally, we don’t expect HH’s bitterness to be transmissible to her now that she is the vice-president who is a mother of the nation, someone you can seek solace and comfort from in time of distress.

We now agree to the English adage, “birds of the same feather, flock together.” Mr Hichilema and his vice president are both bitter and lack regard for the general citizenry. The good example we can give for free is our calm and soft hearted with a motherly voice, our republican Vice President Ms Inonge Mutukwa Wina. Her voice is as tender as a caring mother and her heart is as soft as that of a dove. We urge Ms Nalumango to emulate the calm and composed nature of bo Inonge Wina even in the sight of immense provocation from her competitors.

President Edgar Lungu had no tough time picking her as his Vice President and running mate. Mr Lungu paired himself very well where humbleness and calmness are concerned.

These two servants of the people are indeed peace makers and God given leaders no wonder the majority citizens are looking forward to voting them back in office on August 12, 2021. You cannot in anyway be a leader out of revenge, envy and bitterness. No way!


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