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Eight Village Indunas pledge to support President Lungu

Eight Village indunas in MUNYAMA ward of Liuwa constituency in Kalabo district of Western province have pledged to support President Edgar Lungu during the forth-coming 12th August, 2021 general elections. 

Speaking on behalf of his fellow village headmen, Induna Imuno Mute said this when Liuwa constituency PF aspirant Mwangala MWENDA donated a boat to residents of Namanda village yesterday.

Induna Imuno Mute who is also Davis Sitali said the people of Liuwa constituency have realized the importance of working with the ruling PF party.

 “We have lost a lot of developmental projects in the past 15 years that we have been in the opposition political party led by UPND’s Situmbeko MUSOKOTWANI in Liuwa constituency,” said Induna Imuno Mute.

 The traditionist said time has come for the electorates in Liuwa constituency to rally behind President Lungu as he has shown leadership in developing the country especially the rural parts of the Zambia.

 “Now here in Liuwa constituency, fellow village headmen, is there anything that we can point at telling us that this is the projects done by incumbent opposition UPND Member of Parliament,” Induna Imuno Mute asked.

Induna Imuno Mute said from the last 15 years that the constituency has been in the opposition, issues to do with resources such as both the constituency development funds and the council’s equalization funds have not trickled down to uplift the lives of the people in the area.

 “These ladies and gentlemen, are now the effects we have inflicted on ourselves because of being too much in the opposing side of the government apparatus. We have no one to blame but lets us all reflect on the advantages of working with the ruling Members of Parliaments together with civic leaders for one common good of developing our constituency,” he advised.

Meanwhile, Patricia MAXWELL said the donated water vessel will assist in ferrying school going children to schools and also in helping transporting expectant mothers to nearest health facilities in the locality.

Mrs Maxwell said during the flood season, people in the area face a lot of challenges in terms of movements from one point to the other.

 “The greatest challenges we are facing as a community during this time of the year, is mainly the floods. Us mothers, it becomes a problem to access quality health services and what happens is that we just end up delivering our babies in these houses you are seeing here,” said Maxwell.

 She said Munyama ward being an island surrounded by two rivers, the Zambezi and Luanginga respectively, women and children are the most affected in the area.

And Mrs Maxwell has however, appealed to her fellow women in Liuwa constituency to vote in numbers for their fellow PF aspirant Mwangala Mwenda once adopted for the forth-coming general elections this year.

 She said women in Zambia have shown good leadership especially in service delivery of developmental projects than the menfolk.

 “This is the year of a woman in Liuwa constituency. We have tried all types of men to lead us but we have ended up drawing a blank especially that through all these years the constituency was in the opposition hands without any meaningful development agenda,” said Mrs Maxwell.

Mrs Maxwell said that it is only in the ruling Patriotic Front that Liuwa constituency can receive developmental projects adding that the area has lagged behind due to being resistant to political changes.

she said opposition UPND party can not offer development to the people in the constituency, hence people should rally behind President Lungu and his government for development.  

Meanwhile,  168 members of the United Party for National Development from Nega Nega,Chitete, Kasengo and Turnpike wards  yesterday reportedly defected to join the ruling Patriotic front in Chikankata district of Southern province.

The defectors were led by former UPND Nega Nega ward Chairlady, Everlyn Muchima and former Chitete ward vice treasurer Unice Sikanwe.

This was during Chikankata District Patriotic Front’s continued recruitment drive conducted in Nega Nega , Kasengo, Chitete and Turnpike grounds yesterday.

Chikankata PF district chairperson Kavumbu Hakachima who received the defectors thanked them for joining the ruling PF.

Ms Hakachima urged the people of Chikankata to vote for president Edgar Lungu during the August 12, 2021 general elections.

She said there is  no doubt that President Edgar Lungu will convincingly win the August general elections.


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