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Small-scale miners misuse funds


GOVERNMENT is not impressed with small-scale miners that have misused fund which were given by the European Union, Mines and Minerals Development Minister Richard Musukwa has said.

Mr Musukwa said Government had lobbied hard for funds for small-scale miners to enhance their operations but hey misused it.

He said in an interview yesterday that Government expected the miners to use the fund properly but issues turned up to be different.

Mr Musukwa said: “those funds are supposed to be used for mining activities so that they can improve their operations. We are very disappointed that small-scale miners can misappropriate funds instead of doing something better.”

“We engaged EU so that it can help the miners because we saw that they were facing challenges to sustain their operations.

We want something better for the miners but something negative is coming from them,” he said.

Mr Musukwa advised the miners to be responsible when they get assistance meant to improve their operations.

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