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Civil Aviation Authority loses $5m income

THE Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says an estimated US$5 million in revenue was lost last year because of reduced business activities in the aviation sector at the height of the Covid-19.

CAA Director General Gabriel Lesa said the loss was owing to reduced safety charges and fines among others.

Mr. Lesa also said the halting of flights to Zambia by international carriers as a measure to control the spread of Covid-19 had a negative toll on their operations.

Briefing Transport and Communications Minister Mutotwe Kafwaya who toured the CAA office, Mr. Lesa said effective implementation of international aviation standards has seen Zambia stand at 62 percent when the average global standard is 60 percent.

He attributed the ranking to enhanced adherence to safety and security measures at the Kenneth Kaunda and Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula international airports.

Mr. Lesa however noted that international organisations like Qatar Airways and the United Nations have recruited some of its aeronautic engineers because of being well trained.

And Mr. Kafwaya said it is high time that Zambians start appreciating the capacity and capabilities of its citizens in running key organisations.

Mr. Kafwaya said the recruitment of Zambians by international organisations is a reflection of the confidence they have in them.

He also stated that the lifting of the ban for Zambian planes to enter the European Union airspace in 2016 which was effected in 2009 reflects the government’s commitment in developing the aviation sector.


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