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Lubusha cautions clergy


THE Rwanda genocide remains a stark reminder of what happens when the clergy mislead a nation, so local clergy should tread with caution and not incite people against government on issues such as elections, says PF Member of the Central Committee Andrew Lubusha.

Mr Lubusha has warned that attempts to undermine the electoral process by questioning the registration of voters as well as the mobile registration, should be stopped because the Electoral Commission of Zambia has been transparent.

He said it was wrong for the church mother bodies to continue peddling the opposition agenda without understanding the consequence of such actions to the peace and harmony in the nation especially that the country will soon be going to the polls. “From the way some members of the clergy have been conducting themselves, it’s clear that they are being used by the opposition against the PF and President Edgar Lungu’s government. But as a party, we are not going to allow that to derail us from delivering on our promise to the people of Zambia,” he said.

Mr Lubusha said President Lungu had assured the nation and international community that there would be peace before, during and after the August elections and that the will of the people would be respected.

He said the recent statement by the three church mother bodies, namely the Council of Churches in Zambia, the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia and the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops inciting the public against government decisions such as the introduction of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Bill, was a clear sign that some clergy in these religious groupings were against Government.

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