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Govt will focus on growth agenda,says Mushanga


GOVERNMENT will not shy away from investing in Infrastructure development despite constant criticism because roads are important in fostering economic development, Central Province Minister, Sydney Mushanga has said. Mr. Mushanga said Government has prioritised road infrastructure because a good road network was a prerequisite to economic growth.

He said in an interview that a good road network guarantees efficient and smooth movement of goods and services in the country and beyond. “This government continues to say roads are very important because with a good road network we have easy movement of goods and services to places where they are urgently needed by the people,” he said.

Mr Mushanga, who is also Bwacha Member of Parliament (MP), added that despite continued criticism by some individuals, Government would ensure that the country has a viable road network. Government, he said, was alive to the fact that no development would take place without proper infrastructure in place. Mr Mushanga said it was for this reason that the Patriot Front (PF) Government has since inception invested heavily in infrastructure development.

“The PF since inception has invested heavily in infrastructure development which include roads, hospitals, mini hospitals, clinics, schools because in the absence of infrastructure no development can take place,” he said. Mr. Mushanga said Government would continue with the infrastructure development agenda with a focus on projects that would add value to the country’s economic growth.

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