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Who would want to kill a failure, asks Mwanza

HAKAINDE Hichilema knows that it is practically impossible for him to win this year’s elections hence the reason he is fabricating lies that Government wants to kill him so as to draw away attention from his impending loss, PF deputy media direct Antonio Mwanza has said. “No one wants to kill HH. Why would anyone want to kill him, for what and of
what political relevance when he is a perpetual loser?” Mr Mwanza accused Mr Hichilema of trying to win public sympathy by raising people’s emotions with claims that Government wanted to kill him.

Mr Mwanza said the claim by the UPND president is rubbish which Zambians should ignore as it was just meant to draw public sympathy. He said Mr Hichilema is aware that this coming election marks an end to his political career because after the polls UPND will rise against him and flush him out so he has resorted to a very desperate strategy to cause chaos and confusion in the country. Mr Mwanza said the UPND leader has been deliberately provoking a reaction from the President and the police so that when he is arrested he would accuse Government of dictatorship and claim that there is no rule and order in Zambia.

He said Mr Hichilema is acting desperately because he has realised that UPND has no numbers to beat PF which has a commanding lead in seven of the country’s 10 provinces. Mr Mwanza said the PF is popular and that the UPND has remained only with Southern Province as North[1]Western and Western provinces have been eaten into by PF as evidenced from the numerous by-election results in these two provinces where UPND has continued to lose its own seats to the ruling party.

He said Mr Hichilema has been daring the President and the police and every time he is summoned to answer to charges, he organises his cadres to cause trouble. Meanwhile, Zambia Republican Party president Wright Musoma has challenged Mr Hichilema to report to police if he has evidence that his life was in danger. Mr Musoma who described Mr Hichilema’s assassination allegations as nonsense said he was scared of his own shadows. He said Mr Hichilema has sensed defeat in the August 12 election and wants to draw sympathy by his hallucinations.

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